Non-Conductive Safety Rubber


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  1. Rubber Rib Mat Electrical
    The Rib Mat Electrical is a rubber safety mat that is designed to protect workers from electric shocks.  It has a fine ribbed surface to help give grip and reduce slips.  The matting has the regulation standard, stamped on the back of the product at 1m intervals.  Fully certified and tested, 6mm overall thickness.

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    Dry Zone

    Dry Zone

    Wear Resistant

    Wear resistant surface to Level 1


    Anti-fatigue protection to Level 1

    Slip Resistance

    Slip resistance Level 2


    Electrical non-conductive

    Impact Resistant

    Impact resistant

    Cut to Size

    Mats can be cut to bespoke sizes

    Cut to Length

    Mats can be cut to length


    Suitable for outdoor use

    Wheeled Area

    Suitable for use by wheeled trolleys

    Dry Area

    Suitable for use in dry areas

    Heavy Areas

    Suitable for use in heavy use areas


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