diamond grip general purpose

Diamond Grip General Purpose

Dry Zone

Dry Zone

Wet Zone

Wet Zone

Slip Resistance

Slip resistance Level 3


Suitable for outdoor use

Wet Area

Suitable for use in wet areas

Diamond Grip General Purpose is a self-adhesive anti slip tape for slip protection in medium duty domestic and commercial environments. Along with possessing excellent grip levels the safety-grip is waterproof and can be used inside or out for added protection on steps or walkways.

  • Suitable for use in domestic or commercial steps/walkways etc.
  • Waterproof safety grip suitable for inside or outside use.
  • Excellent grip levels for added safety.
  • Available in rolls, tiles or stair tread cleats.
Slip Resistance
Slip resistance Level 3
Suitable for outdoor use
Wet Area
Suitable for use in wet areas
Dry Zone
Dry Zone
Wet Zone
Wet Zone

Dry Surface Test Results - 102 TRL.

Wet Surface Test Results - 71 TRL

2.5cm X 18.3m

5cm X 18.3m

10cm X 18.3m

15cm X 18.3m

30.5cm X 18.3m

61cm X 18.3m

91.5cm X 18.3m

14cm X 14cm

61cm X 15cm

DGGP01BL2.5cm X 18.3mBlack
DGGP01YL2.5cm X 18.3mYellow
DGGP01RD2.5cm X 18.3mRed
DGGP01BU2.5cm X 18.3mBlue
DGGP01GN2.5cm X 18.3mGreen
DGGP01GY2.5cm X 18.3mGrey
DGGP01WH2.5cm X 18.3mWhite
DGGP01CL2.5cm X 18.3mClear
DGGP02BL5cm X 18.3mBlack
DGGP02YL5cm X 18.3mYellow
DGGP02RD5cm X 18.3mRed
DGGP02BU5cm X 18.3mBlue
DGGP02GN5cm X 18.3mGreen
DGGP02GY5cm X 18.3mGrey
DGGP02WH5cm X 18.3mWhite
DGGP02CL5cm X 18.3mClear
DGHZ02BY5cm X 18.3mBlack/Yellow
DGHZ02RW5cm X 18.3mRed/White
DGGP04BL10cm X 18.3mBlack
DGGP04YL10cm X 18.3mYellow
DGGP04RD10cm X 18.3mRed
DGGP04BU10cm X 18.3mBlue
DGGP04GN10cm X 18.3mGreen
DGGP04GY10cm X 18.3mGrey
DGGP04WH10cm X 18.3mWhite
DGGP04CL10cm X 18.3mClear
DGGP06BL15cm X 18.3mBlack
DGGP06YL15cm X 18.3mYellow
DGGP06RD15cm X 18.3mRed
DGGP06BU15cm X 18.3mBlue
DGGP06GN15cm X 18.3mGreen
DGGP06GY15cm X 18.3mGrey
DGGP06WH15cm X 18.3mWhite
DGGP06CL15cm X 18.3mClear
DGGP12BL30.5cm X 18.3mBlack
DGGP12YL30.5cm X 18.3mYellow
DGGP12RD30.5cm X 18.3mRed
DGGP12BU30.5cm X 18.3mBlue
DGGP12GN30.5cm X 18.3mGreen
DGGP12GY30.5cm X 18.3mGrey
DGGP12WH30.5cm X 18.3mWhite
DGGP12CL30.5cm X 18.3mClear
DGGP24BL61cm X 18.3mBlack
DGGP24YL61cm X 18.3mYellow
DGGP24RD61cm X 18.3mRed
DGGP24BU61cm X 18.3mBlue
DGGP24GN61cm X 18.3mGreen
DGGP24GY61cm X 18.3mGrey
DGGP24WH61cm X 18.3mWhite
DGGP24CL61cm X 18.3mClear
DGGP36BL91.5cm X 18.3mBlack
DGGP36YL91.5cm X 18.3mYellow
DGGP36RD91.5cm X 18.3mRed
DGGP36BU91.5cm X 18.3mBlue
DGGP36GN91.5cm X 18.3mGreen
DGGP36GY91.5cm X 18.3mGrey
DGGP36WH91.5cm X 18.3mWhite
DGGP36CL91.5cm X 18.3mClear
DGGP55BL14cm X 14cmBlack
DGGP55YL14cm X 14cmYellow
DGGP55RD14cm X 14cmRed
DGGP55BU14cm X 14cmBlue
DGGP55GN14cm X 14cmGreen
DGGP55GY14cm X 14cmGrey
DGGP55WH14cm X 14cmWhite
DGGP55CL14cm X 14cmClear
DGGP624BL61cm X 15cmBlack
DGGP624YL61cm X 15cmYellow
DGGP624RD61cm X 15cmRed
DGGP624BU61cm X 15cmBlue
DGGP624GN61cm X 15cmGreen
DGGP624GY61cm X 15cmGrey
DGGP624WH61cm X 15cmWhite
DGGP624CL61cm X 15cmClear
DGHZ624BY61cm X 15cmBlack/Yellow
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