esd worktop matting

Esd Worktop Matting

Dry Zone

Dry Zone


ESD Anti-static

ESD Worktop Matting is a blue vinyl work surface designed to dissipate static from conductive items placed on it, keeping sensitive components safe from damaging static shocks. The smooth top surface is abrasion resistant and easy to wipe clean.

  • Protects components from damaging static shock by bringing ESD protective materials and personnel to the same electrical potential
  • Use in conjunction with ESD accessories
  • Meets EOS/ESD-S4, measured resistance for work surfaces Rg 107and Rp 108Ω
  • Electrostatic charge (walking test), meets ISO6356 and EN1815
  • Electrostatic charge (walking test), meets ISO6356 and EN1815
  • Overall height 6.4mm.+
  • Optional 10mm female socket for connection with recommend grounding point cord.
ESD Anti-static
Dry Zone
Dry Zone

Product Testing

  • Compression deflection U.S. 1.4 kg/cm2 2.8 kg/cm2 
  • Foam battery ASTM D3574 
  • Abrasion resistance ASTM D3884-01 500 Cycles 5000 Cycles 
  • Static coefficient of friction ASTM C1028-96 
  • Elongation ASTM D412 
  • Breaking load ASTM D412 
  • Graves tear strength ASTM D 1004 
  • Hardness ASTM D2240-02 
  • Anti-slip DIN 51130 and BG-RULE BGR181 

Fire Testing

  • Critical radiant flux ASTM E-648 
  • Fire retardancy DIN4102 EN 13501-1 CFL - S1 
  • Flammability test ASTM D2859 ESD ANSI 


  • Recyclable material
  • Reach Compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)

76cm X 12.2m

91cm X 12.2m

76cm X 1m

91cm X 1m

EW304076cm X 12.2m
EW364091cm X 12.2m
EW3076cm X 1m
EW36 91cm X 1m
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